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Guangzhou culture finance promotion association has launched ten measures to serve culture and tourism enterprises to tide over difficulties, and set up a rescue fund for guangzhou culture and tourism industry with a total scale of 200 million yuan.

Date: 2020-02-22

Guangzhou advantage industry association chamber of commerce, through coordinate to solve the difficulties, set up a fund, rent, fees and other relief measures to fully support and organization to promote production enterprise, especially involved in securing necessary operation and epidemic prevention and control, the masses life required and necessary related businesses resume work relating to the important national economy and people's livelihood needs of the production.

Actively for the industry to resume production to solve the problem.Among them, guangzhou culture finance promotion association has launched ten measures to serve culture and tourism enterprises to tide over difficulties, and set up a rescue fund of 200 million yuan for guangzhou culture and tourism industry to fully support cultural and tourism enterprises affected by the epidemic to overcome difficulties and tide over difficulties.Guangzhou taxi association encourages guangzhou cruise taxi enterprises to pay drivers a comprehensive living allowance of 3600 yuan per vehicle per month during the epidemic period.Guangzhou youth chamber of commerce will do its best to assist member enterprises in the production of disinfection antibacterial preparations to coordinate the application for resumption of production, and actively cooperate with the government's request for urgent production of protective materials.Guangzhou furniture industry association plans to reduce the membership dues of its member enterprises in 2020, and the reduced membership dues will amount to 600,000 yuan. We will try our best to assist the enterprises to resume production and operation after the holiday as soon as possible, and share the difficulties with the industry enterprises.

To assist the industry enterprises to solve the epidemic material support.Guangzhou meat market association, association of road transport industry in guangzhou, the guangzhou a large bay area of guangdong economic culture promotion association, guangzhou institute of certified public accountants to raise epidemic prevention materials, for the first time will face mask, detergent, alcohol free to member units, do our utmost to solve the epidemic prevention material support member enterprises difficult.Guangzhou convention and exhibition industry association put forward "20 rules for prevention and control of rework" to provide guidance for member units to ensure the safety and health of employees and ensure the safety of employees returning to work.

We will strengthen the publicity of support policies.Guangzhou federation of social organizations, guangzhou Internet banking association, guangzhou semiconductor association, association of guangzhou headquarters economy actively use its own propaganda media, summary published and continuously updated central and all levels of government in return to work and production department's business guidance measures, convenient enterprise query and epidemic prevention "warm companies" policy, ease policy to return to work and production present situation of information asymmetry, help enterprises to use the living support policy.Guangzhou taxpayers' association has opened a "fast track to answer questions related to tax-related business during the epidemic", and arranged special personnel to follow up and answer any questions related to tax affairs of taxpayer enterprises, so as to help solve the worries of the majority of taxpayer enterprises.

Guide member enterprises to continuously fulfill their social responsibilities.Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd., the unit of vice President of Guangzhou Medical devices industry association, played the leading role of the association team, started the emergency plan quickly on the basis of doing its own prevention and control work and ensuring the delivery of orders, recalled employees to resume production, and actively fulfilled the social responsibility of enterprises in the Medical industry.Donated 71,400 disposable vacuum blood vessels and 30,000 disposable intravenous blood needles to wuhan caidian vulcan mountain hospital.Guangzhou financial leasing industry alliance, together with its member units, jointly launched the "half-price leasing, safe travel" preferential car rental activity, to help enterprises ensure the travel safety of employees, and jointly fight against the epidemic.Guangzhou science and technology enterprise incubator association proposes that all kinds of incubator carriers should be combined with their own reality to reduce the burden of enterprises and entrepreneurial teams when conditions permit.Guangzhou ruiyue automotive electronics innovation park has responded positively to the initiative by reducing the rent and technology service fees of about 1 million yuan in February 2020 for small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises that work in the park and those that have made significant contributions to epidemic support.

Strengthen the collection of industrial enterprises.Guangzhou professional market chamber of commerce, guangzhou area travel agency industry association convention and exhibition industry association, guangzhou, the guangzhou home service association actively collect member companies affected by the epidemic situation and the rehabilitation work difficulty problem, research and develop further support to return to work and production, aid enterprise, policy measures to stabilize the market and report to the competent business unit and industry management department in time, to return to work actively cooperate with the industry management department to strengthen industry requirements and the epidemic prevention and control measures to carry out the situation of supervision and inspection.